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Canada has ten (10) provinces and three (3) territories with a highly developed and globalized mixed economy in sustained growth, improved standard of living and employment gains. As a multicultural and progressive country with a desire to welcome new residents, characterized by rapid growth and economic stability, politeness of citizens, and a high standard of living and due to these, immigration to Canada has become a chosen option for immigrants. This article will share some of the benefits of relocating to Canada as a Nigerian.

The study or Express Entry route can make relocation to Canada possible. These immigration methods come with their requirements for a legitimate stay in Canada with job opportunities.


The following are some of the popular reasons and benefits Nigerians gain when they migrate to Canada:

  1. Work/Life Balance: In Canada, those working experience flexible work arrangements and parental leaves with progressive policies on gender equality.
  2. The safety and quality of life: The standard of living here is top-notch and globally ranked among the best. The freedom of expression and wholesome family life is a huge reason.
  3. Excellent healthcare provision: Canada is reputed to be intentional about the health of its residents and access to excellent health services with government/publicly funded healthcare in provinces and territories. Some of the health care costs are covered by the government, from minor checkups to vital treatments. 
  4. The highly respected education system for its citizens: Canada boasts excellent education and a world-class curriculum for studies with subsidized fees for immigrants, permanent residents and citizens. Canada prides itself on renowned institutions and comprehensive academic programs in different disciplines and areas of learning.
  5. Stable economy: Right after the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has bounced back and is currently experiencing economic growth. However, immigrants play active roles in adding to the company’s skilled/labour force. This is one of the benefits when you migrate to Canada as a Nigerian.
  6. Inclusivity and friendliness: in this regard, Canada serves as a home for newcomers from multiple cultures. Temporary and permanent immigrants are welcome as residents to fill in Job positions as a wide range of industries are seeking employees with visa sponsorship as a bonus. There are diverse and appealing cuisines and cultural events also.
  7. Low crime rate: Canada has proven to be a secure environment for citizens and immigrants globally.


Canadian cities vary, so it is advisable that as an immigrant, you get to choose a province with provided amenities. These are some of the best cities: 

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Edmonton
  • Oakville
  • Burlington
  • St. Albert

The reasons to live in any of these cities can be professional places to work, scenery or surroundings, tourist attractions, housing expenses and other factors. Other than these, several other cities will appeal to immigrants. 


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